"5 Essential Skills for Growth"

25 Practical Frameworks for Middle & High School Students
Live Online Workshops on 5 Essential Skills for Growth are an innovative and interactive programs designed to empower young people aged 11 - 14 & 14 - 17 years old to build a strong foundation for success in academics, relationships and future endeavors.

Open enrollment 2023
Our Campus Approach
Informed Choice
Ask questions
Relevant information
Focus of interest
Test assumptions
Design new steps
Higher-quality decisions
Increased learning
Increased motivation
Reduced stress
Results from the workshops
the list was compiled by interviewing students who took part in our campus programs
Workshops details
sessions will be conducted live online through Zoom
  • Start 1: Discovering Your Unique Potential
    The journey begins on Day 1 with a focus on self-discovery and identifying individual strengths and passions. Through engaging icebreaker activities, group discussions, and introspective exercises, participants learn to recognize their unique qualities, talents, and interests. They explore various aspects of their personalities, learning styles, and inherent abilities, which sets the stage for a growth-oriented mindset.

  • Start 2: Cultivating Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
    On Day 2, the workshop delves into the crucial aspects of emotional intelligence and resilience. Through real-life scenarios and interactive role-plays, young people develop skills to identify and manage their emotions effectively. They also learn strategies for coping with challenges, setbacks, and stress. The workshop emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and empathy, promoting healthy emotional regulation and enhanced interpersonal relationships.

  • Start 3: Setting and Achieving Goals
    Day 3 is dedicated to goal setting and cultivating a growth mindset. Participants are guided through a step-by-step process to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. They explore the power of a growth mindset and learn to embrace challenges as opportunities for learning and improvement. Interactive exercises and group discussions help them create actionable plans to achieve their goals.

  • Start 4: Effective Communication and Public Speaking
    Effective communication is a vital skill, and Day 4 focuses on honing communication abilities. Through interactive workshops and virtual presentations, participants build confidence in public speaking and learn to articulate their ideas with clarity and impact. They practice active listening and receive constructive feedback, enabling them to improve their communication skills in various settings, including social interactions and academic presentations.

  • Start 5: Leadership and Teamwork
    The final day centers on leadership development and teamwork. Young people explore the characteristics of effective leaders and the importance of collaborative problem-solving. They engage in virtual team-building activities and group challenges that foster cooperation and decision-making skills. The workshop encourages participants to take on leadership roles, develop empathy, and recognize the value of teamwork in achieving shared goals.

EXTRAS to enhance the learning experience
Virtual Guest Speakers
Accomplished individuals and inspiring figures from diverse fields join the workshop as virtual guest speakers.
Interactive Breakout Sessions
Interactive Breakout Sessions: Throughout the workshop, participants engage in smaller breakout sessions to discuss topics in-depth and share their perspectives with peers in a more intimate setting
Virtual Group Projects
Collaborative virtual group projects provide young individuals with opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge in practical scenarios, encouraging creativity and critical thinking
Digital Resource Library
We provide a complete digital resource library, which gives participants access to pertinent reading materials, worksheets, and other educational resources that they can use to continue their personal growth even after the workshop is over
What you can expect after the workshop
Benefits for Students
Personal Growth Framework
After the workshop, participants will receive a personalized growth framework designed to help them set and achieve their personal goals, enhancing their learning experience.
Free Tutoring Session
Participants will have the opportunity to schedule a free 30-minute tutoring session to discuss their learning experience and receive guidance on their academic journey.
Access to in-house SV Accelerators
Students who complete the workshop will gain access to our accelerators: College Launcher, Career Launcher, and Business Launcher, offering valuable support for their future endeavors.
Benefits for Parents
Brief Assessment
Upon completion of the 5-day workshop, parents can request a brief assessment of their child's experience with group work and dynamics, conducted by our AI-helper.
Tailored Programs
Parents will be introduced to specialized programs designed to help young individuals reach their full potential in education and future career opportunities, aligning with their interests and goals.
Personalized Recommendation List
Parents can request a personalized recommendation list based on their child's interests and strengths, providing valuable insights for guiding their child's growth and development.
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Meet Our Team
Experienced team with experience to help young people to achieve their goals
  • Ivan Shamaev
    Founder & Vision Director
  • Gerry Williams
    Workshop Facilitator
  • Dane Prumber
    Workshop Facilitator
  • Susan Trully
    Workshop Facilitator
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