Invest in Gen Z founders
We back exceptional companies from the very start
Why us
BGC Ventures invests in Gen Z founders with an innovative, differentiated product or service that the market is looking for.

We focus on validating customer demand, market research, and building an MVP.

Top 3 reasons to be with us
we aren't afraid to roll up our sleeves and help
Invest at pre-seed or seed rounds
We teach how to run the process across multiple investors, and review and iterate on your messaging and pitch deck.
Product & Growth
We navigate you through the whole process of Product-Market Fit and Go To Market strategy.
Community & Network
We strive to provide much more than funding. Our goal is to create safe, productive environments for teams to connect.
What matters when we invest in ventures
Product Market Fit
In order to provide value and collect some in return, you need Product Market Fit.
Go-To-Market Playbook
A go-to-market playbook is a step-by-step plan created to successfully launch a product to market
We believe that the future is with the Gen Z and that the next generation of companies to succeed with us will be different from what we know today.