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Agile GYM is a transformative program designed for young people aged 13 to 19, aimed at developing critical life skills through the principles of Agile. This engaging course teaches teens to set and achieve SMART goals, enhance their focus and adaptability, and foster effective communication and teamwork. Through a blend of interactive workshops, focus drills, team projects, and Agile ceremonies, participants will learn to navigate the challenges of adolescence with confidence. They'll also implement personal Agile boards to visually track their progress and engage in communication workshops to build trustful relationships. Agile GYM prepares teens to adapt to change dynamically, setting a strong foundation for personal and academic success.
Learn Agile Fundamentals
Introduce participants to the core principles of Agile, Miro boards serve as a versatile tool for visualization, collaboration, and project management.
Apply Through Practice
Each week focuses on practical application of Agile concepts through interactive activities, ensuring skills are not only learned but applied.
Reflect and Adapt
Regular reflection sessions encourage continuous improvement and personal growth, with Miro boards capturing the journey.
The Agile GYM program
A 12-week program for teens, aimed at enhancing focus, goal-setting, adaptability, and communication through Agile principles, enhanced by the dynamic use of Miro, an online collaborative platform.
Imagine life as something we can design! We all have the power to shape our own lives through the choices we make. In the same way that startups and tech companies develop their products carefully and thoughtfully, using strategies like Lean Startup, Agile, and HADI to make them better over time, we use similar principles to guide our decisions and grow.
What is Agile?
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